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The growth of the IoT market, which is expected to be more than US$250B, is considered to be "a way out" for many traditional IT and software companies. In our past professional experiences, we have developed and deployed IoT/M2M services and solutions world-wide, from home security solutions, to health monitoring services, to industrial automation solution, intelligent agriculture applications, and to power managemnt systems. So, WE KNOW IoT inside-out. Not only just on the development side of things, we KNOW the secret recipe of building a successful business and service models for the IoT market.

Rapid product prototyping

Solving problems through innovative software solutions

Solutions development

IoT/M2M, SaaS, PaaS, Artitificial intelligence, Data analytics & Machine-learning, Data-mining & visualization, Network and cloud Infrastructure

Technical Makerting

Review and refine existing products and build sales and marketing materials

Business planning and strategy

Service-oriented business model planning, execution, and deployment for profitability

Alliance and Partnership

Match-making and assist clients in building strategic partnetship & alliances with companies with different technology disciplines and business backgrounds

Digital Marketing

Product re-branding, target market strategies and planning

Work Process

What happen in the background to ensure client satisfaction


2.Sketch and prototyping

3.Design and development

4.Release and deploy

Our Work

What we have built for our clients

Our strategic partners

We and our partners can offer the best services to our clients


Konijn Design Studio

A digital Marketing company


Our Expertise

What makes us the experts in the industry

SaaS PaaS software development

Software Design & development

SaaS & PaaS development

Machine learning, data-mining, & Artificial intelligence

Distributed and parallel processing

Database schema & administration

IaaS cloud network infrastructure design

Infrastructure Design


Data Center & Network services

Data security

SCRUM agile project management

Project Management

SCRUM methodology & practice

Performance matrix

time to marketm, sales strategies

Time-to-Market Strategy

Sales and Marketing strategies

Product re-branding

Conversion analysis


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